Tejido Conectivo is an artistic and pedagogical project founded by Miguel Ángel Punzano in 2012. The project was born as a platform to research through body and movement, to offer training and to collaborate with other artists and companies. During the first years, Tejido Conectivo works as an itinerant project, collaborating with national and international artists and companies. In 2015 the project sits in Madrid as permanent headquarter. Since then Tejido Conectivo is a resident company in Espacio en Blanco Madrid.


Tejido Conectivo is a project strongly committed to pedagogy and new models of education through movement. We rely on our own methodology backed by years of research which brings together knowledge, practices and various techniques.

Tejido Conectivo offers and promotes training activities for different audiences, such as daily training for professionals or workshops and intensive weekend training cycles for all levels.

- Profiraining

- Workshops


Tejido Conectivo is a dance company based in Madrid dedicated to contemporary dance creation and production. The company is committed to search for a personal language and very interested in investigating  new ways to present body and movemente at the contemporary scene.

Company´s repertoire is composed by small, medium and large format pieces for conventional and non-conventional exhibition spaces.

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